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My Half Way Review: Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

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So I just decided, as I sitting in my bed at 8:37 on a Saturday night reading my new book (I know, it's sad, this is my life), that I had so much to say about Girl Online already and I'm only 135 pages in (out of 344). So i said 'stuff it' and have decided to introduce what I like to call a half way review.

Pretty much this is just going to be an overview of how I feel about the book so far, what I like, what I don't like and also what I hope is going to happen, etc etc.

(I also added a photo of me reading to today, I was really excited that it was sunny enough to be reading outside at 7:30pm...)

So without further ado...

My Half Way Review: 

It's hard to describe Girl Online in any word other than, freaking adorable. It's just so cute. Penny (the main character) is probably one of my favourite protagonists out of all of the books that I have come across. She's clumsy, she's an idiot sometimes, but she's the readers' idiot.
I honestly love everything about her and her narration (and I love love love the fact that the book is in first person, that's just a total thing of mine).

One of the things I think that I love most about Penny as a narrator is the cute little made up words that she uses to describe things. Words like BFIS (best friend in school) and Rock-God-tastic (which she uses when describing who I'm assuming so far to be, her love interest, Noah).
This is something that makes the book stand out to me a lot as it honestly, made me laugh out loud, which is something that not a lot of books do for me. This cute and comedic little part of Penny that we get to see really gives the readers a good insight into her head, the way that she thinks and perceives the world and that is something that I just LOVE.

Something that I guess kind of goes along with what I just said is that I love the many ways that Zoe Sugg, the author, writes the book from what I would call, 'the teen perspective'. Not only with the inclusion of the made up words, but also with the fact that we only see what Penny sees, the stuff that goes on in the background that Penny may not think is important or pick up on, we don't see as a readership. And I think that goes along strongly with the insight into Pennys' mind and it's something else that I think is splendid.

One more thing that I will say about this book is that one of the main reasons that I'm loving it so far is the whole base on Pennys' anxiety and panic attacks.
Penny gets these panic attacks more and more frequently as the book goes on and she is quite confused and scared about them at first. They come on after she is in a car accident with her parents and they happen every time that Penny is in a situation where she feels like she is where she is trapped, like in that car accident, whether that be in a car, in an airplane or just in a social situation where she feels this way.
This resonated very strongly with me as I have struggled with anxiety for all of my life and I think that it would resonate with a lot of the authors' readership, being young people, mainly girls.

I also just love the message that is put out with Penny trying to deal with this stuff about facing your fears and overcoming your issues. Penny posts on her blog that she is going to face her fears and the support that she gets from her readership is incredible, one comment of which includes one of my favourite quotes of the book so far which is "sometimes you have to face up to your fears to realize that they aren't actually real". This message I think is really special and really important.

So yeah. Pretty much to sum up, this book is amazing so far and I'm loving it and I will be posting a full review as well as a 'favourite quotes' post after I am finished this book in the near future, so look out for that one guys :)

Please please let me know what you think in the comments, if you've read this book I would absolutely love to hear what you thought of it, but please NO SPOILERS, as I'm still reading and I don't want the book to be ruined.

That's all from me for now guys,
Read fast, die young.



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