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Humans of New York - Review

Hey everyone

Okay so I haven't posted a review in a while because I've been overseas.
I'm not going to talk about that because this is not what this blog is for - for anyone that is interested in knowing about my trip, I will put a link at the bottom of this to my personal blog post about my top 4 Europe experiences so you guys can check it out.

Anyway, review time.
This book is not really my normal style of book to review, but I read it and I just fell in love with it and couldn't bear not to share it with you.
So basically it's a book of photos by a photographer named Brandon Stanton, who started a blog called Humans of New York (link is below).


Since 2010, photographer Brandon Stanton has been capturing New Yorkers and their remarkable stories. The blog he created has touched millions of lives around the world.
Humans of New York is a surprising and moving collection of four hundred of his most beautiful photos, featuring exclusive new portraits and stories.

My Review:

Okay so this is a new one for me, so it's been a bit hard putting my thoughts into words as I'm not used to reviewing and analysing stuff like this.

I will say that I have followed a little bit of the Humans of New York blog before so before picking up this book I was used to Stanton's photography style and I loved it.
But this book was just something else.

It's amazing to me how much emotion and strength can be shown and evoked by just a simple photograph.
And that is how I would describe this book, emotion, strength, love, pain. Just life.

Looking through this collection of photos just inspired me and really made me realise just how strong and incredible the human race truly is.
It's strange, these photos really emphasise the diversity of the human race, but it's one of the few things that I've seen in the last few years that just shows the beauty in this. There is no judgement, no negativity, just beauty. The beauty of the world and of our differences.
It's truly inspiring.

Something else that I really love about this book as well is the captions for the photos, the majority of them have captions and they vary from quotes from the people in the photos, Brandon's story of what happened or how he managed to get the photos, or even just where they were taken.
It's through these that stories are told that otherwise never would be, amazing and incredible stories that, in my opinion, the entire world needs to hear. That's the beauty of this book, to explore and learn about life, about people's lives and the beauty that is hiding in them.

I could not recommend checking this book, or Brandon's blog out enough.
It's just breathtaking and it really will change your perspective on the world!

So usually as my readers will know, I do a favourite quotes section.
Obviously that's kinda hard with this, so I'm just going to share my favourite photo.
This one I did see on Brandon's blog quite a few months ago and have been in love with for a while now, I was so happy to see that it got included in here!

Caption: Seen in Times Square

Thanks for reading guys, I know this is a bit of a change from my normal stuff, and I am currently reading Eleanor and Park, so my next review of that will be back to my normal style, but I'd love to hear what you guys thought of this post and also, if any of you do go and check out Brandon's blog, what your perspective on it all is.

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